We’re Expecting a Baby!!

January 8, 2019

By now you’ve probably seen our announcements on social media or heard from us that after over five years of marriage we are expecting a little one this spring 2019!! We have known since August that I am pregnant!! We wanted to enjoy it with our family and friends first and have the opportunity to tell everyone we could in person to make it special.

At the end of 2017 our hearts were changing. We had gone through a difficult year of home renovations, growing pains, shooting tons of weddings and portrait sessions. It was overwhelming and we knew we wanted to do a lot of things differently in 2018. Noah and I used our powersheets to dream up our goals and how to make what matters to us happen. My word of the year was SURRENDER. A small word that encompassed SO much for us and especially for me. Noah and I were both feeling tired and worn down from the rat race. We had been running at full speed and we were ready to surrender our lives and plans to God and accept what we knew would be big changes.

One of the biggest decisions was deciding to no longer take on weddings after 2018 and officially retire from wedding photography. This was something both Noah and I knew in our hearts even though we absolutely loved and adored getting to know our couples and capturing the sweetest moments in their lives. It is so very bittersweet knowing I’ll never cry behind the camera again during first dances or squeal to myself during the first look. For the sake of my mind and my soul, I knew it was time to give myself a breather and explore things I liked OUTSIDE of photography and the wedding world that was my life and breath for so long. We also knew that we were “ready” (who really ever is?) for a little one. We were open to the idea of having a child and wanted to trust God’s timing for us and leave it in His hands. We prepped our bodies and our minds for pregnancy and spent the majority of 2018 working at home, dreaming up projects that fulfilled us, exercised together, grew vegetables in our new garden and just spent more time with one another. You probably noticed that things were pretty quiet on social media from us and that was intentional.  We found out we were pregnant pretty quickly and honestly we were in total shock!!

We knew going into this that it isn’t exactly easy for everyone (and for others it doesn’t happen and they used other ways to grow their family) so we had no idea what to expect for us. The first test I took that month there was the faintest line. I mean you couldn’t even hardly tell anything was there but if you turned it justttt right there was a line. I looked at Noah and was confused. I asked him, “What does this mean?” …wondering if it was a faulty test where we could see the control line. We called the number on the box (LOL) and answered what felt like 100 questions to the woman on the line and sure enough she said, “I can confirm that the test detected HCG levels” WHOA. Noah scooped me up and we laughed in the kitchen. We really couldn’t believe it and decided not to count on it till we saw a true line. The next day I woke up around 3:00 in the morning and spoke to our little baby. I didn’t know if he or she was really in there but I prayed for his or her life and spoke my dreams for our family over him/her anyway. At about 6:00 I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and had to get up to take another test. I made myself wait in the bathroom by myself with Noah asleep and when I went to look there was a clear line. I remember I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and my mouth was gaping open and I laughed ha!! We’re so blown away, shocked, and honored that God entrusted this precious little life to us. From the beginning we both thought it was a boy and kept saying “He” or “Him” and felt bad for our little baby if he was actually a she!

We had our anatomy scan scheduled for just a few days before Christmas. We literally didn’t sleep the entire night prior we both were so nervous. I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous for anything in my life, even my wedding day!! We asked each other all night what time it was. Our nerves were eased when the best christmas gift of all was finding out that the baby is growing exactly as it should be and drumroll…it’s a boy!! Our ultrasound tech named him “Wiggles McGee” because he would not. stop. moving! He was ALL over the place in there!

Questions we’ve received:

-When are you due?

We’re due May 2019.

-Did you have a lot of sickness?

Not morning sickness, no. I did have a ton of heart burn that was super uncomfortable. The worst of it for me was feeling like I was going to pass out all. the. time. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest after doing ab workout sets when I was just laying on the couch. It was pretty crazy but after week 12 things got a lot better and I shot an entire wedding day without feeling bad! It finally subsided around week 16-17 for me. Noah literally took care of EVERYTHING for us during this time because I was so exhausted!!

-Will you find out the gender?

We already have. It’s a little boy 🙂 His name is Emmett Vincent Abercrombie. Noah fell in love with name Emmett before we were even pregnant and despite my long list of names, nothing else stuck for us. His name means Emmett ‘strong’ Vincent ‘conquerer’ Abercrombie ‘joining at the bendy river’ I am the last Vincent for our family so he will carry the name on!

-Will you continue to do photography?

YES! We will continue to do portraits!! However, I will be taking a long maternity leave from April-October to be with baby Emmett. He is only this little once and I want the chance to put all of my focus on him and our family. So if you’d like your portrait session with us this year, we can get you on our schedule before or after those dates!

-What are you most looking forward to with baby?

Seeing Noah with Emmett may literally make my heart explode. He has always had the desire to be a daddy and he wants to be super involved. I cannot wait to see him and his little mini-me together.


We’re feeling just about everything you’d expect from first time parents. Excitement, anxiety, worry, you name it! But we know this little life is in God’s hands and we’re excited to learn a whole lot more about life, love and adventure as a family of three…and lola, diesel, felix and eight chickens haha!! Thank you so much for all of the sweet messages and calls we’ve received, we’re so grateful!!



Holeigh & Noah

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