New Chapter | We bought a house!

February 27, 2017

AHH!! Noah & I have an exciting announcement: we bought a house! It may look familiar to many of you because this isn’t just any home, it is where Noah grew up and where we married just over three years ago. His parents searched for the perfect property and built this home. Now it gets to stay in the family with us. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that just a few years later it would be ours! Honestly, we wouldn’t have dreamed of buying a house of this size but everything is in God’s timing and He definitely had his hand in this! We are so excited for the new memories to be made here and the renovations we are making to update the house.

Here is the AMAZING drone footage our friends Candice & Dan took for us!!

A little over three years ago on our wedding day during our first look:

When Noah and I would ask each other “where do you see us in five years?” the answer was always the same, in a house. Obviously a few other goals were in there as well but a house was always at the forefront of our minds. We’ve looked sooo much over the past four years, some of the browsing we did was more serious than others but regardless we always had our eyes peeled. We were near Cotswold and as much as I adore that area, Noah was aching for property. Noah’s happy place is in the garden with his hands in the dirt with the peace and quiet. Finding a balance was hard between the two opposite worlds we were drawn to. The more we thought about it, it became clearer that we lived ten minutes from uptown and never took advantage of all the amazing events that our queen city offers. You see, we are home bodies. We love movies and popcorn, foraging in the yard, enjoying a fire and some wine, none of which involved being close to uptown. Noah’s parents had brought up the fact that they would love for us to one day buy Blackberry Hills (their home). Blackberry Hills was always the place we saw ourselves in ten or fifteen years and it was a long term “maybe” if it all worked out and none of Noah’s other siblings wanted it. We wanted to start with a smaller fixer upper in Charlotte but as we searched we realized Noah’s childhood home offered everything we needed and more, including a life we’ve always wanted to live. Linda & Bruce were ready at this time in their retirement and with the amount of work they were still doing, they needed to downsize. Noah and I prayed so hard and sought advice and truly thought about this. We knew this was going to be a huge lifestyle change. Not only that, it’s what we would consider our forever house if we want it to be! We looked at each other and said (many, many times), “Is this really happening? No, seriously is this really happening??” Not only did this home offer so much in terms of our future as a family and as our forever home, it also offered a whole other aspect of our business that we knew we wanted to expand. Rooms in the house and over four acres of property could be the perfect mix for some of our portrait clients. Just after Christmas we pulled together all of the necessary paperwork, and more paperwork, and more paperwork. Did I mention paperwork already 🙂

The day after Valentine’s we closed! Noah carried me through the front door

Photo Feb 15, 4 16 36 PM (1).jpgThis is the home where we dream of getting lost in the garden and forgetting about the world for a short time listening to the birds sing, the wind bustle between the trees and meditating on what matters. We desire to grow together and remember our days, not get lost in them. By restraining the world of distraction and hustle, it allows our hearts and minds to wander and space to breathe. Our hope is that by losing ourselves in the work and the world here, we will give our minds and hearts space to dream, to create, to be truly present. Do you know that every night since we’ve moved in, I’ve looked at the sunset? I didn’t do that before. Maybe it’s because now we have a glorious view of it but it just seems a little bit sweeter out here. We hope that one day we can bring our babies home here (Lord willing!). We hope that we can live intentionally and set out to do anything we have on our hearts and more. We hope to entertain and cook delicious meals with our amazing friends and family. I mean what’s this huge yard for if there aren’t any bonfires and laughter to be had?

So before we get to settle into a new normal, we are making some changes. Mostly aesthetic but big none the less! We’re bringing this house into 2017 and putting our own spin on it. I’ll be posting some before and after’s along the way of the changes we make on our instagram at



Holeigh & Noah

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