Two Years Married

October 12, 2015


Can two years really go by this quickly? Apparently they can..when you are on the journey of your life. Gosh, the relationship Noah & I have has changed so much (as life does). It’s so funny to look back at our engagement photos from two and a half years ago (and even our wedding day) to see how much our lives have changed since. 2015, year two, was as incredible for us as it was hard. Marriage is hard but there is no one else on this earth that brings me more joy or strength as Noah’s love does. I feel so undeserving but then I remember the creator who continually graces us with His love unconditionally. Truly, Noah, you grace me with Gods example of love every day. I am forever grateful. I don’t know how I got so lucky.  Most days with us, it’s just easy. Yes, some days are extremely hard but our relationship still has that sense of ease and lightheartedness that it did almost five years ago when we began dating. I never, ever want to journey through this life without you and I cannot wait to see what this next year will bring.

Enjoy a few of our updated photos, graciously taken by Candice & Daniel and Marcie Meredith


Year two, what we have done: 

We have shot together, a lot. 9 weddings, 15 portrait sessions, 3 styled shoots. And it still isn’t over. When I say a lot, It almost blows my mind that this business has taken us to so many different places, physically and mentally. I have grown so much by shooting with him and we have had to grow to learn how to work together. I started crying at one of our recent weddings, Caroline & Robert’s, when the bridesmaids, bride and mother of the bride were telling us how perfect we were for this and for one another. I told her (while attempting to hold tears back and failing miserably) “This is a DREAM. A dream. I can’t believe we get to do this together.” Shooting all of you who have made our business possible- thank you, thank you, a million times over. It means more to us than you realize and we are forever grateful. 

We have kayaked, hiked, biked, swam, ran, skied, boarded, camped. You name it- if it’s outside- we’ve probably done it!! We ran the cooper river bridge run 10k, went to Mount Mitchell for the first time, ran a 5k and more. We have done roughly half of P90x and plan on training for our first sprint triathlon in January together!

Found out that Noah has a gluten allergy. This was a huge blessing in disguise. After cutting out breads and flours, due to a paleo diet, Noah realized that he wasn’t sick anymore. (Like he had been for 24 years of his life) Whoa, nelly. That was a big one. He also lost 40 POUNDS. You guys, I didn’t recognize my husband there for a while. It wasn’t like holding the same hand or wrapping my arms around the same waist. He is HEALTY and I’m incredibly proud of his progress!! Also, there is clothing shopping to be done. He shot in one wedding outfit half of the year!! 

Moved into our first full size home and opened a room in it as a studio space to meet with our clients in a more personal setting. We also built our first dining room table by hand. It took us two whole weeks….*Face Palm*. Polyurethane, you are the death of me. 

Below is our collage of GoPro, iPhone & random photos! 




Holeigh & Noah

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