2014 In Review

January 3, 2015

Wow, 2014 has been an incredible year! It has definitely had it’s high points & low but overall in terms of business and personal..I have to say that it has been a successful year! Below are a few of my favorite images from 14 & the highlight reel!


The Highlight Reel: 

Forming My Brand

In 2013, I began what I called the journey of my soul. To figure out who I was & my niche in this industry as an artist, creative, dreamer and most importantly as a photographer. I sat for hours and wrote down who I was, what I enjoyed and what I wanted to deliver to my clients. It can be described as this: Fine Art   I knew I had always enjoyed vogue, great classical love stories, self-less relationships and adventure. 

Discovering Film

It all made sense and fit a perfect picture- fine art photography is where my soul longed to be. So I went out on a limb and bought my first ever film camera & rolls of film. I had absolutely no idea where to start, since I had learned on a digital camera from the beginning. No more looking behind the camera to see if I had nailed it…but there was something different when I held this camera in my hands, when I carefully composed each shot, knowing I was spending roughly $2.00 after I pressed the shutter. I fell in love and it absolutely, undeniably, changed my work forever. All of the images listed above are almost entirely film! 

First Feature.. and many more!

In 2013 my goal was to get published. I was so incredibly excited when I found out that my first ever feature would be on The Wedding Chicks! That is a huge accomplishment! We went on to be featured four more times this year at the following blogs: Carolina Bride, Sweet Violet Bride, Magnolia Rouge and Inspired by This.

Flying for the first time ever & Attending a workshop

In May I embarked on an adventure! I flew to Colorado to visit with my friends and attend a workshop taught by Laura Murray & Lexi Vornberg of Belle Lumiere and Lemonade & Lenses. Not only did I learn a TON, but I formed so many meaningful friendships.

Booking Ten Weddings

We booked a total of 10 weddings for 2014 & 2015..so far! I am so incredibly excited to document one of the most cherished days in these couples lives. I am honored to have been chosen to be apart of their days and I cannot wait to see and capture the incredible moments that are going to take place!

Deciding to Offer Bridal Boudoir 

While in Colorado attending the workshop, I photographed my first bridal boudoir session and it was beautiful. It was a game changer for me & it brings me closer to my brides! We decided to offer this as an option for our brides and the results so far have been stunning! I cannot wait for their grooms to be blown away by their present come wedding day 🙂

Having OUR photos taken

On our anniversary we decided to do a photo swap with one of our great friends & fellow film photographer, Allison Kuhn Photography. I am forever grateful for these images, as it now shows where we are one year into marriage. I am so in love with these images & my husband!! I cannot imagine going a single year not having them taken.



Holeigh & Noah

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