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December 7, 2012

After spending roughly a week and a half in florida celebrating my grandfathers life, I am finally back home in the real world. While I catch up on some editing, I figured I would share with you all the story, 70 years of marriage filled with love & traveling the world-


Three generations of women were sitting on my grandmothers bed. My grandmother, my mother, and myself. We searched through her hope chest- A chest she has kept her treasures in to prepare for marriage since the 40’s- and were able to look through her precious memories. As I opened the chest, there laying on the top was a single letter dated September 1941. Yes, the very first letter my grandmother ( Polly ) ever received from “Mr. Geyton Vincent” aka Joe.

It looked so antique & romantic- vintage stamps- perfect cursive and addressing fading. I opened the letter carefully and read the few lines a loud, from there- we began to cry. “Maybe you thought I would forget as soon as left. Not me, I’ve got too much in the deal and can’t help it… I was afraid I would lose my girl” Immediately I searched for the corresponding letter and of course, it was there. “special” written across to make sure it wouldn’t be thrown away. Soon the letters turned from dear polly to dearest polly.

The letters were filled with titles of what was playing on the radio- Even a few songs from the notebook- “I’ll be seeing you”. “Why aren’t you here with me to listen? Oh, how I wish you were here in my arms.”  “Have you called my mom yet? Please do so soon.” Joe was in Chicago while Polly continued her schooling in Tennessee. A year later they were married and later relocated to California because Joe was drafted for world war II. – Every single letter for three years without Joe was there- these I did not dare touch. I know these must have been sorrowful & worrisome letters.

Seventy years later Polly cared for him on his death bed- at home. Even through the dementia & confusion- in her heart she knew their lives were filled to the brim with a rare love. As for me, their relationship is unforgettable.







Holeigh & Noah

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