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March 1, 2012

I cannot believe February 2012 is almost over, my how time flies! Well,  It’s been an insane month with lots going on, including traveling (: (Florida and West Virginia) but I couldn’t be happier. I have made it a priority to blog more often, just for myself! There, I said it. I want to document and remember the things I’ve done, even the inconsequential details.

Our trip to Florida was gorgeous, we ventured further south than usual to West Palm beach. It was meant to be, the beach we so happened to pick had rocks. Yes, rocks. In Florida?! YES. And they threw the waves up gloriously into the mid-day sun. I jumped up and down in excitement. I’ve never, ever, seen this in Florida.

Our trip to Snowshoe was beautiful, yet freezing. The kind of cold where you’re outside-for-10-seconds-hands-are-numb kind of freezing. 0 degrees with a -20 wind chill is pretty darn cold. It was my father, my boyfriend & side shooter Noah, and myself for the entire trip. Unfortunately we were at Snowshoe during Valentines Day, which left me a bit disappointed. I had so many ideas and DIY pins on pinterest for this VDay.


There’s something about the way music interacts with your feelings, spinning the wheels in your brain, raising the hairs on the back of your neck.  It’s magical and sometimes picks you up and drops you into a whole other world.

I love music, almost as much as photography. aka  A lot. That’s why I’m posting some of the music I’m into lately:

For the Honor Album- Elevation Church Worship

A Falling Through- Ray Lamontagne

The entire album “Little Hell” but specifically – Grand Optimist- City and Colour

Rumor Has it- Adele

Somebody I used to know- gotye {ft. Kimbra}

Lights- Ellie Goulding {Bassnectar Remix}

BUT what I’m loving the most on youtube is the striving artists who cover all of our favorite top hits.

Jaymee Dee, a youtube sensation who covers songs with her sultry acoustic rendition.

ET (Katy Perry)- Jayme Dee Cover

Blogs you should check out:

Katelyn James Photography

First of all, I’m totally falling into the rhythm of this girls weekly blogging schedule. I love it & her! Her blog can be equally useful to both photographers and prospective clients, without leaving her adorable personality behind. Plus, seeing precious images of her new puppy bokeh every day leaves me smiling (:


Adventures in Pink Sugarland:

A Canadian photographer & mother of two, Andrea Hanki is by far one of my favorite photographers. She documents everyday photos & adventures of  her two children, Lila & Cole. She’s original, crafty, and simple.  {Trust me, her craftiness is unbelievable and uber inspiring, as well as her images at Pink Sugar Photography}


And finally, Jordan Voth Photography Jordan is still in college, double majoring and continues to keep his blog updated. I have no idea how he does it! Jordan’s work is more inspiring to me than any other photographer. He has started photographing more engagements and weddings, but I definitely see his work leaning more toward fashion.

Happy Leap Day! xx


Holeigh & Noah

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